Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wet Bags by Monkey Foot Designs

I received a small sized wet bag in the mail last week from a hip online store by the name of Monkey Foot Designs.  The store features a few trendy fashion items for mother & child, and the wet bag appears to be one of their more popular items.  Don't miss the cute belts and purses while you are visiting though.

Back to my new wet bag ...  I must admit, I've never owned a wet bag before.  After utilizing this one for a few days, I can't figure out how I survived without one for this long.  I've finally figured out where I can put all those slimy bibs and damp burp cloths without ruining the rest of my diaper bag's contents.  It's uses don't stop there either.  You can also use it to place soiled cloth diapers, dirty clothes, or even a wet bathing suit.  It also doubles as a toiletries bag.

My love for the bag doesn't stop at just it's functional value.  This bag is made of a high quality decor fabric with many prints available and there is even an eco-friendly version available too.  The bag is lined with ProCare which is known for it's high duty waterproof & anti microbial factors.  Another real plus is the 11" snapping strap which enables me to attach it to my diaper bag or stroller.  Don't you just love clever people?

Twin tip of the day:  You might want to get the large or two of the smalls for your two little ones.

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