Sunday, October 18, 2009

Twin Halloween Costume Idea: A Pair of Aces (No Sew! Playing Cards Costume)

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I'm one of those mommies who prefer to make halloween costumes when time allows.  My mom always made mine, so I try to continue that tradition when possible.  I also really like the kids to have the opportunity to truly be creative and unique when picking a theme. However, since the twins are still too young to come up with Halloween ideas of their own, it was my turn to decide.  I really wanted something that had a bit of a twin theme and I wanted to avoid anything going on the twins heads.  (They currently are very annoyed by hats.) I eventually decided on playing cards, a pair of aces to be exact.  They were actually fairly easy to make.  I used two toddler size white pillow cases from Ikea as the base of the card.  Slits were then made in the top and the sides to accommodate their head and arms.  Please note that larger pillow cases can be used for larger kids.  You will also want to make sure you have solid colored apparel to wear under it.  The twins are wearing black t-shirts and black sweatpants, but gray or red would also work. I purchased 4 iron-on letter A's, black sticky felt, & iron-on transfer printer paper to decorate the pillowcases.  The felt was used to cut out 2 small spades, 2 small clubs, 1 large spade, & 1 large club.  These & the A's were then applied to the front of the pillowcases to look like the front of the cards. Finally, I scanned the back of a card, then printed it out twice on the iron-on transfer paper to give the back of the pillowcases their back of a card look. I'm very pleased with how they turned out and the twins seem quite comfortable in them too.

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