Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Appliance Company, It's me the average mom

broken oven

I'm being tormented by my double wall oven.  You see, it's broken.  It has been for months.  At first, it was only one of the two ovens, but as of today's repair appointment we are now at red alert full broken and I'm really at my wits end with this whole ordeal.

It's not what I would consider an old oven but it is beyond the extended warranty (of course).  I believe it's about 6 years old.  I bought it because it is suppose to be one of those "high end" brands people covet and for the first year it was pretty good.  We did have to have repairs done around year 2 and that went ok all in all.  This time hasn't gone so well though.  It took a couple week quest to just find someone who would even service this brand in my area.  The original repair person doesn't service them any more and most of the #'s the company gave me never even called me back.

My mom actually found someone who would come look at it semi by accident.  She had a minor dishwasher repair going on and asked the person if they could service my brand.  They could.  First problem solved.

The repair place was great, they came out and looked at it and ordered the parts needed.  The one part needed had to be "made" first.  It took forever to get the part and then further delays occurred due to issues in my life.  Eventually they came out to make the repair and it didn't work.  Worse yet, now both ovens aren't able to be used at all.  Big uh oh.

It's tempting to whine at length in this section about how we have 7 people, including 5 kids, who rely heavily on that oven for meals, but why state the obvious and possibly cloud my whole point.

What is my point?  I can handle the oven being fully broken for a few days, maybe even weeks if need be.  Stuff happens.  What I can't handle is the company not caring.   What no consumer should have to deal with is a company essentially laughing in their face.  And that's what they did essentially, they laughed in my face.  Ok, it wasn't my face directly, it was the face of the repairman who I might note spends his day fixing their problems for them, but it still equates to a laugh in my face.  And when you are talking about a $3,000 oven, not much is funny.  Do me the respect of stifling the chuckle and giving a semi concerned oops?

What exactly happened?  The repairman called the company twice from my house and one guy from the "Oven Company" actually laughed at my repairman and told him "good luck".  It seems the error code is one no one knows anything about.  Essentially everyone is baffled, the company has no clue and my repairman has done what he can do for the time being.  My repairman is going to do some research and call me next week.  I can tell he feels truly bad he didn't get it fixed as planned.  I see that he is still trying and that gives me some comfort that I shouldn't completely give up yet.  The repair guy gets it.  He sees my face, realizes my need, and wants to fix things for me.

The Appliance Company?  They don't get it.  They don't see my face.  They don't realize my need.  As for wanting to fix things for me, what's your guess?

So where do I go from here?  More phone calls?  A nasty email?  Twitter?  Buy a toaster oven?  Sell the house and start over?  

If I wielded the power of Mommy Blogger Dooce perhaps just the mere threat of naming the appliance brand by name (no it's not the same one) would be enough to make my problems go away.  i.e. Dooce vs. Maytag.  However, I'm clearly not Dooce and the bigger problem is really that this other brand apparently doesn't CARE what the average consumer's woes are.  It shouldn't take celebrity status to get an oven or washer fixed.  I don't blame Dooce for using what she has, in fact kudos to her.  Heck, Heather even turned it around to help others.  I'm just saying, I find myself in a similar spot and I can't help but ponder how sad this spot really is.

Don't you realize I'm a loyal girl?  I've been married 18+ years, doesn't that say anything about me?  Why haven't you figured out that when I find something I like, I really stick by it.  Oh sure I'll try new things here and there, but in the end I keep coming back to you as long as you are good to me too.

Good experiences, quality products, nice customer service ... I'm not asking for flowers.  Just don't laugh in my face when you should be sighing along with me.

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