Friday, February 12, 2010

Discipline Techniques & Time Out Spots {+ Giveaway too!}

As a mommy of 5 and someone who has been a parent for over 15 years, I've obviously had my share of experience with behavior issues.  Parenting twins has definitely caused me to "up" my game all the more though.  There is just something about two like aged, equally curious and able toddlers that creates almost a super baby type phenomenon.  Together they get into things my first three children never even noticed let alone tried to conquer.  They also brought biting into my world for the first time.

Prior to 18 months of age, I've always found that distraction and redirection couple with positive reinforcement of "the good stuff" are really the best techniques to deal with either singletons or twins.  In other words, I turn into a cheerleader every time one twin hands the other twin a toy, binky, sippy cup, or whatever.  I've found that over time this really does work amazingly well.  As for the distraction part, it works as long as you are right there and vigilant of what is going on.  If I see Declan get mad and start "baring his fangs" I can stop him and redirect his play, but let's face it, that is not always an easy task.

The twins are now 19.5 months.  Beyond 18 months one can typically add the "time out" style discipline scenario into the mix.  In the past, I've used a chair as the deemed time out spot, but it came with it's limitations.  The kids hated to sit there in a non time out event, the kids questioned where to go when in a different room, and putting a child throwing a tantrum on the chair was not that easy. 

I was thrilled to learn that a clever person has addressed my "negatives" on this by creating a time out spot that is available for purchase.  I was even more thrilled by the opportunity to receive one these spots for review.  These Time Out Spots eliminate my biggest issues with using a piece of furniture as the "place".

The Time Out Spots are 27 inch diameter round labeled rugs with non skid backing.  You can place them where ever you want in the room.  You can also easily roll them up and bring it with you.  Bring them into the next room, bring them to grandma's house, bring them on vacation.  This eliminates any confusion on where your little one will be sent when naughty regardless of where you are.  Another plus, since it is a carpet on the floor, you can place your child on it mid flailing tantrum without risk of them falling off something.  When calling a time out, one minute per year of age seems to be the suggested norm by most experts. In other words, your two year old gets two minutes and your eight year old gets eight minutes.

Bonus feature, is that the Time Out Spots are machine washable.  This spot won't be foiled by smudged up hands or dripping noses.

Enter to Win:  Time Out Spots would like to give one of our many Mommy readers one of their popular "mommy needs a time out" tees.  Simply visit their site and return to comment here with your top 2 color choices.

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