Thursday, February 4, 2010

Suave Professionals Hair Products {Review}

Frequent readers know that I spent my winter holiday in the Rocky Mountains as I do every Christmas.  In fact, we typically make the trek there a couple times a year.  I even leave a few basics there to make packing easier including hair products.

This year when I arrived, I discovered I had either not left my products or had used them up on my last visit but forgotten to make a mental note of it.  Instead, I found the products of whomever had stayed in my room last.  Specifically, they had left Suave Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner in the Humectant formula.  Since I normally use an expensive salon brand that had to be ordered online, I was kind of stuck with this Suave stuff for this visit.

Here's a bit about my hair ...  I have long frizzy curly auburn hair which I flat iron straight.  It took me forever to find a shampoo and conditioner that worked really well on it.  Once I did, I stuck with it for several years regardless of the price or inconvenience of ordering it online because it worked.

I prepared for a holiday of bad hair and began using the Suave Pro Humectant stuff.  It came to my complete surprise that it worked really well.  In fact, when I returned home I even mentioned how surprised I was at how well it worked on twitter.  Why hadn't anyone mentioned this stuff to me before?

Suave's PR team wasn't surprised it worked.  They've been hearing these reactions for a while now.  In fact, they conducted some side by side reviews with these products and the salon comparable a while back and Suave Pro came out glowing.  Suave asked if I'd consider sharing my experience in a review and sent me some additional Suave Professional products to try including items from their Sleek line.  I was really happy with the results of those products in my unruly hair too.

The best part?  I can now load up on hair products, while grabbing diapers, socks, and soy milk at Target.  My hair does what I want it to do without the hassle of ordering hair products online and without the expensive price tag too.

Reminder:  Don't forget to enter the Suave Kids sweepstakes ending Feb. 22nd.  See my previous post on this for further details.

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