Thursday, January 20, 2011

White Kitchen Backsplash Tile that Inspires

I've been scouring the web & blogosphere looking for the perfect tile to use on our kitchen backsplash.  I want a white tile with white grout, something fresh.  We have a lot of straight boxy lines in our kitchen; rectangle cabinets, rectangle island, L shaped counters, a boxy table, rectangular floor tiles ... so I love the idea of a tile with some curve to it.

Beveled Arabesque White
Ann Sacks Savoy Penny Tile
Merola Lantern Tile
No final decisions have been made yet, but above are some of my top white tile backsplash contenders.  The first two can be purchased online at a store called Mosaic Tile Stone and the third is available at Home Depot.  I'm currently leaning towards Beveled Arabesque in White, but it's hard not to adore that Ann Sacks Penny Tile as well.

I think I need to let these sit for while and move onward to the black countertop options.  What a pair these two shall be.  I've realized that while my white backsplash tile ideas could be described as a touch whimsical and girly, the black counter tops are probably best going to be described as formal and masculine.

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