Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Holiday Gift for Kids - Lego Tray

If you need a gift that will wow a little boy or girl who is into building with legos, I'd highly suggest this DIY project I did with my husband this weekend in under 10 minutes.  In fact, I made two of these handy lego project trays in that time period and probably could have fit in a couple more if needed.

Supplies Needed:
a melamine serving tray with handles (I found the silver ones at Target)
an xl lego baseplate (or two depending in the tray's overall size)
a tube of all projects liquid nails
a utility knife
a pencil
something heavy like a pot (to keep baseplate pressed firmly while drying)

Measure out, mark, and score your lego baseplate(s) to fit inside the tray.  The lego baseplate should snap cleanly as you gently bend it if properly scored.  As you will notice in the photo, I chose to trim my single XL baseplate to exactly fit inside in the tray in terms of height but the baseplate did not completely reach both of the tray's sides.  I could have cut additional pieces from a second baseplate to completely cover the bottom of the tray, but I was satisfied with how it looked with the piece simply centered.

Once satisfied with the fit, simply apply a fair amount of the glue to the back of the baseplate and apply it to the tray surface.  Use your hands to smooth out any possible air or glue pockets underneath and then place something heavy on top to keep the baseplate from firmly applied.  Allow to dry as per the glue instructions.

Once complete, you can even get fancy and stencil on the child's name or a design.

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