Thursday, November 15, 2012

Healthy Snack Options for the Family

The arrival of holiday season often means that there are plenty of not so healthy food options to indulge on around the home.  With pie leftovers, a tin of chocolate coated popcorn sent from thankful clients, and lots of other yummies only a few feet away; it's definitely hard to keep the kids from some of those treats.

In attempt to control when my kids partake in what, I have what we deem as "healthy snack" times vs. what's clearly a special "dessert" time.  I find I need to really rotate around with the healthy snack options to keep the kids interested and thought I'd share some recent hits.

Enjoy Life Plentils:  Recent foods on our approved snacking list have included an entry from one of our favorite brands, Enjoy Life.  This snack named Plentils is their first salty snack entry.  Plentils are a crunchy Lentil chip sold in four flavors; Light Sea Salt, Dill & Sour Cream, Garlic & Parmesan, and our favorite Margherita Pizza.  The chips are gluten-free and free of the 8 common allergens, just like the rest of their products.  I should also mention Plentils are high in fiber and protein from lentils.

Bitsy's Brainfood:  This snack is made with organic ingredients and baked with nutrients kids need like Omega-3 DHA, Vitamins B, D and Folic Acid.  The alphabet letter shaped wafers come in in Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot, Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin, Orange Chocolate Beet and Lemon Broccoli; but if your kids are like mine you'll want to keep the names to yourself.  I stuck with gingerbread, oatmeal raisin, orange chocolate, and lemon.  We sampled two of the flavors: Lemon & Broccoli and Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin.  The twins ate both, but seemed to prefer the sweet potato oatmeal raisin slightly.

Funky Monkey Snacks:  Funky Monkey Snacks are freeze-dried all-natural real fruit.  The fruit becomes crunchy when dried but retains most of it's nutrients.  Aside from organic cinnamon (added in the Applemon® and Bananamon® flavors), there is nothing added to Funky Monkey Snack.  Available flavors include Bananamon, Purple Funk, JivaLime, Applemon, Carnaval Mix, Mang OJ, and Pink Pineapple.

Disclosure:  Much thanks to the three above mentioned companies for providing us with samples for this review.

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