Monday, November 19, 2012

Living with Food Allergies: Allerbling Food Allergy Awareness Bracelets

While one of my twin 4 year olds has only been adjusting to life with his peanut allergy since February of this year, I'm by no means new to this rodeo.  My husband and I have had a raised awareness of food allergies since my oldest (who recently turned 18) was age two.  And while I'm not new to the lifestyle, I've by no means stopped seeking out the latest good allergen developments and keeping vigilant on protecting both boys.

In fact, I strongly believe that complacency about food allergies is most commonly how this condition can end up threatening lives.  I frequently look for new safe food items for the kids to try and also do my best to keep up to date on other food allergy awareness items and initiatives.  And you've likely seen me talking all about some of my favorite delicious food allergen free finds right here on my blog along with other foods.

One of my latest food allergy related finds is a customizable awareness bracelet my youngest now proudly wears to school each day.  The Allerbling bracelet reminds my son as well as the school staff that he is allergic to and should avoid tree nuts & peanuts with the use of special charms included with the orange awareness band.  My son has no complaints about wearing it and he has reminded me once or twice I've not placed it on him yet.  I think along with it being comfortable to wear, it actually gives him a little extra comfort to know he has his special Allerbling bracelet on.

Disclosure:  Much thanks to Allerbling for providing this product to me for my review.

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