Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How do you decompress? A favorite Video Game? A Warm Bubble Bath? #FarCryGold

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It's a rare day when hubby or I get much in the way of relaxation time.  As one might expect with five kids, our daily lives including weekends involve lots of go go go.  This past 3-day weekend was no exception for us with a long list of to-do items to accomplish between the 3 or 4 different kid's activities on our calendar each day.  In between the around 8 basketball games, a slam dunk contest, the practices, the grocery shopping, the laundry, the dishes, the meal prepping, the home improvement we've yet to fully finish, and a last minute construction project for my parents; we once again struggled to find more than a few kids free moments to decompress.  

And while we may not have found much time to relax this past weekend, we do make it a point to squeeze in a few moments for ourselves to unwind here and there.  I mainly steal my moments on the afternoons all five are off at school.  I race through required household chores and blog commitments, leaving time for something just for me.  Or if I'm not too tired, I can also sometimes find some time after everyone else has gone to bed for the evening.

Some of my go to de-stressing activities include solitary diversions like taking a hot bubble bath, reading a book, or browsing some of my favorite blogs and websites.  I also find it relaxing to watch cheesy made for tv movies in my comfiest pair of pajamas or to get my heart pumping a bit while playing games like Ubisoft's Just Dance Series.  

Hubby prefers to de-stress early in the morning or when the kids are all out at their activities.  He finds it relaxing to linger over the newspaper reading random articles, listen to some of his favorite music, watch action movies, or even to play one of the latest fighting style video games (made for mature audiences) like Ubisoft's ZombiU or Far Cry 3.

And here's my twins demonstrating one of their favorite de-stressing activities, an impromptu nap for two on the cozy chair in our family room.

So what do you do to decompress?  If gaming is on your list,  you'll want to be sure to note that the game Far Cry 3 is currently being offered at 42% off as the Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day: http://clvr.li/FC3Gold

Disclosure:  I was provided with a copy of Far Cry 3 from UbiSoft as a thank you for the above post.

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