Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Twins protest the Weather's failed attempt at a Snow Day

To our 4 year old twins, snow days are the things of legend only.  In the two years that they have been school age, we've not had a Chicago-area snow storm worthy of canceling school.  Those magical snow days much heralded by their three older brothers and sister have taken on rather mythical proportions around here and this week looked like it would finally be their week.

The twins were absolutely convinced they'd be getting their chance to experience the celebratory school is canceled dance this time.  Alas while the weather brought lots of snow, it also brought it just in time for the city and private snow crews to get it all neatly arranged in time for the normal school day to take place.

And now as we say goodbye to February, it's looking more and more like snow days will remain as the epic tales of their older siblings.

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