Monday, March 25, 2013

Mibblio Musical Storybook App

With Spring Break on the horizon, I've been on the hunt for a few new kid apps for those moments when the kids may hit a lull.

One of my new finds is an ipad app for around the 3-8 age group that allows kids to read, sing, learn and play music.  Kids select a "mibblet" in the new Mibblio app and then can join in on the tune in numerous ways including reading and singing the lyrics shown or playing one of the several instruments via the on screen keyboard.

Not 100% sure what a mibblet is?  The publisher defines a mibblet as a new kind of musically interactive children's book.  And my 4 year old twins define mibblets as song stories.  As for me, I define them as a great way to nibble up those bored moments.  There are currently about 10 mibblets available for add-on purchase some falling into the original category and others are known classics.  Among our favorites was "On Top of Spaghetti".

Check out a quick video intro to Mibblo here.
Download the Mibblio App here.

Disclosure:  An itunes card was provided by the company to aid in the writing of this post.

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