Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Favorite Kid (and Mommy) Apps - Summer 2013

It's been a while since I published an app round-up, but the arrival of another wonderfully chaotic break from school prompted me to do something about that.  Summer is the perfect time of year to add a few new apps to your devices.  It's filled with opportunities to use them for long periods of time including rainy afternoons, road trips, and the occasional just plain lazy day.

The popularity of some of our previous app round-ups has lead to hundreds of invitations from publishers to check out new apps which we've welcomed, but I openly confess the kids and I are quite picky.  And with that, here are the apps we've added to our devices in the past 30 days or so that are getting daily regular attention.  Apps are

ABC Bugs (Ages 4 and Up, Needs an internet /wifi connection to play videos)  They may not want to play with the live version of bugs, but this version seems to attract my little guys.

Dr. Panda Handyman (Ages 4 and up, For Android)  We have all the Dr. Panda games on our galaxy Tab and this one is the newest release.  Paint, build, fix ... it's a must for android using little ones.

Little Things Forever (Ages 4 and up)  It's an "i spy" kind of concept only far more artsy and fun to do together.

Disney's Mittens  (Ages 8 and up)  Mittens the kitten is constantly on the prowl for milk bottles and you need to help Mitten get there.  (It's a little bit like cut the rope in concept.)

Toca Builders (Ages 5 to 8)  My 5 year old boys would never put this new game down if they had it their way.  It's a bit like playing with color changing legos subtracting out the need to ever clean them up and adding in a bunch of things like fun characters that help you build.

Lego Batman (Ages 8 and up)  My boys adore all the Lego video games and this app version is awesome too.  And while technically my twin boys are under the suggested age, they have plenty of older siblings to help.

Dots: A Game About Connecting (Ages 6 & up)  It's as straight forward as it sounds and admittedly this mommy likes to play too.

Share Timer by Storybots (For Mommy) End the drama involved in taking turns by setting an app to alert the kids when to share whatever it is they are suppose to be sharing.

A Beautiful Mess (For Mommy) Crop, Add Text, and otherwise adorn your photos before sharing on your favorite social media sites.

*Please note we were provided with review copies of some of the above mentioned apps, however the opinions expressed about the apps are our own.

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