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  • How Much Fun Can You Have At Sarasota

    Adrianna - Fri 14 July 2017 -

    Planning a trip to Sarasota? This wonderful place in South west Florida is one of the most exciting places to plan a vacation or a Sunday family activities for the entire family. You have mind-blowing sceneries, exhilarating food and out of the world shopping extravaganzas awaiting you there. The best part is that most of the fantastic activities there come free and you will be able to have a blast during a weekend or vacation trip.

    Siesta Key Beach plus the Playground

    This place has been winning award after award for years. The sugar grain consistency sand and the neatness of the beach has made it an all time favorite among the visitors. The kids love it here as they have an excellent playground as well.

    The Ringling Museum

    John Ringling, the circus King, left his huge winter home estate to the people of Sarasota. It is here that the Ringling museum exists. You get to see a bewitching miniature circus made of 44,000 pieces. Kids get awe struck as they visit this place.You can also avail a paid tour of the entire winter home. Certainly, a sight never to be missed.

    David Bolger Playspace

    A wonderful playground in the Ringling property limits. The perfect place for little mischief makers to blast their energy. Basket swings, slides, a fantastic tower and much more to explore.

    Downtown Farmers Market

    If you are planning to include a Saturday in your trip to Sarasota, never forget to visit the Downtown, Farmers Market. From fresh fruits to fresh pastries and mention what not, a feast is laid before your eyes.  You will be confused as to what to buy and what to choose. Whatever you buy, you can be assured that you are getting high-quality fresh produce.

    Sarasota Jungle Gardens, Yoder’s Restaurant in Amish Village,

    Blue Rooster BBQ and their Gospel lunch and so much more are still on the list. Why not go down and check for yourself?