Adrianna - Sun 27 August 2017 - Slip And Fall accident

Accidents happen as part of life, especially the more common slip and falls. They are inconvenient and sudden, a combination that leaves very little room for any rational decision-making. This is the exact reason why attorney firms like bill easterly firm offer round-the-clock, free consultation services. According to, a majority of people do not even report slip and falls because they are deemed too common place, which sometimes leads to a delay in the required medical attention and paves the way to further complications along the road. By talking to a dedicated team that is familiar with the settlement and litigation stipulations behind such accidents, you can be on your way to recovery quicker.

Officially, a slip and fall can occur due to any external factor. A result is a person losing their footing and falling down. While some people may be lucky enough to get away with a little soreness or a bruised tailbone, such falls can sometimes prove fatal. It can occur due to missed steps on an escalator, on sidewalks or when moving from different forms of flooring. Climate changes like rain or snow can also make outdoor spaces prone to slipping. Inadequate lighting and poorly maintained roads with potholes are also causes for injury.

When a slip and fall accident does occur, there is a whole range of serious bodily damages that can occur from strained and sprained ligaments and muscles to head and brain injuries, paralysis, and even death. It is not always the property managers who are responsible; sometimes, the victim is also partially responsible for their own injury. If a case is made, the cost of damages can be made for medical costs to cover hospital stays, medical bills, and therapy, loss of earning capacity and even punitive charges for outrageous behavior or contempt in court.

Make no mistake, slipping cases and accidental falls are quite difficult to handle because it can be unclear on who is liable. Most injuries are the result of negligent behavior and your attorney takes on the task of finding whether the property poses any risks to people traversing it and whether the owner knew about the dangers in the property. Depending on whether the property is residential, commercial or government-owned, the conditions change as to who is directly responsible for the area where the accident occurred. When a case is made against a negligent property owner or employee, the entire scene is analyzed by a team of advocates before it can be determined who takes the brunt of the responsibility

Most of the time, slip, and fall accident cases do not go to trial simply because the extent of the damage is small, the property owner settles for an out of court agreement or even because many people do not believe they have a case to present. This all changes when you have an accident attorney to defend you. A slip and fall lawyer will help you put together a compelling case for the court in order to get you the best compensation possible.